Dana Boulé bio

Dana Boulé is an American composer, singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Paris, France. Her career spans ten studio albums from punk rock to classical, pop, folk and film scores. Her music has been featured in Woody Allen's Midnight In Paris, Oscar nominated Jimmy Neutron, The John Oliver Show and Sesame Street. She has scored multiple independent features, theater pieces in New York, Los Angeles and Paris as well as commercials for clients including MTV Networks and Marie Claire. 

A classically trained pianist and never one to stay within the lines, she began her performing career infuriating piano teachers at the age of five by attempting to rewrite Beethoven. After receiving a degree in theater from UCLA, she moved to New York where she studied kung fu, became a music supervisor for tv/film and embraced the thriving punk scene as front-woman for the bands Stupid and The Sobs with whom she released three albums and had a successful career touring, breaking accordions/keyboards and regularly getting thrown out of clubs. 

Dana relocated to Paris, France in 2008 where she realized that life has a softer side and that kicking things actually hurts. She traded kung fu for yoga and went back to her roots in classical music and storytelling to embark on her first solo album, the lush orchestral pop Going, Gone released in 2009.  Several tracks from the album have been featured in films such as Drool (starring Laura Haring, Mulholland Drive). In Paris, she met fellow American singer-songwriter Erica Buettner and together they formed The Resident Cards whose 2013 release We Won't Leave Any Trace received four star reviews ("...a gem of an album" - R2 Magazine, "a superb piece of work" - Fatea Magazine, UK). 

In 2015 Dana released her second solo album, We All Need To Calm Down, a spacious 90 minute soundscape designed for mindfulness, meditation and movement. Using inspiration from her yoga practice and her experience in film, classical and folk, she gathered eight musicians from various styles and blended genres together to create a calming mix of songs featured in various films around the world.

Dana is also the founder of Petit Punk Rock, a family music project designed to bring the joy and freedom of music to children and parents. In 2017 Dana and The Petits Punks released What Do You Want To Be?, an electropop double album for families in English and French which has been featured on radio stations all over the world. She has toured both Europe and the U.S. with her high energy pop concert for kids and families. In 2018, Dana & The Petit Punks released The Petit Punk Rock Podcast, a monthly variety show of songs, comedy and stories. Her second family album is In Our World (2020).

In 2023 she returned to her piano singer-songwriter roots with her latest tristesse infused dream pop album Are You Sure You're OK? followed by the release of OK Versions (2024), an ambient soundscape reworking of Are You Sure You're OK? in collaboration with NY sound artist Gustav Baller.